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I suppose it is every Quilters dream to own their own fabric shop and be able to design their own quilts etc.
Well, I achieved the first goal in 1997 and ran my shop in Baldock for just over 5 years. When I was not busy in the shop
I was preparing for shows and exhibitions and never really had the time to devote to my own projects,
and although I had always designed my own quilts and entered these in exhibitions, both in the UK and Europe, I never had
the time to write a manuscript or thought my designs were of sufficient interest to be published.
Some 3 years ago I was approached by Bergtor Verlag, a German publisher, to write a book featuring
my own designs - you can imagine that I was thrilled to bits, but did not really appreciate that all the work it would entail
meant I still would not have time to do my own 'thing'. Nevertheless I started work and finally handed over the
manuscripts, quilts, wallhangings etc. at the end of 2005 - in some respects it was like loosing
one of your children when they leave the nest.

The book is published in both English and German and is now in stock !
I have created 12 projects and each illustrates the additional harmony when appliqué is added to
basic patchwork, which has been a feature of my work for some years. The idea for the book is to show
how to use one design in at least two different ways - in other words to expand on a single idea.
I have given instructions for making each patchwork/appliqué item, with an alternative piece, giving
a suggestion on how to expand each design. The 12 projects have complete sets of instructions ,
including fabric requirements, templates, many pictures and graphics in full and bright colour.

Bearing in mind the comment at the end of the first paragraph above I have dedicated this book to
'The Boys in my Life' - my grandsons Thomas Kent and Bryn Williams together with Owen Williams
who arrived on April 14th 2006
I wanted this to be my legacy to them that their Grandmother wrote a book.

 The published price is £14.00 plus postage etc. of £1.65 and orders can be by cheque or payment
card by post or via the secure order form from the link at the foot of this page.
Orders by post should be sent to:

Joyce Dawe
Flint Cottage, Treacle Lane, Rushden, Buntingford, Herts. SG9 0SL
either with a cheque made payable to Joyce Dawe or with
full debit/credit card details including the last 3
security numbers on the back of card.

Please state, if ordering by post, if you would like a personally signed
copy with a special message

Alternatively you can send me an SAE for a dedicated order form

Here are some examples of the projects:

Flower Garden Cushion
Dancing Leaves Quilt
Flower Fan Hanging
 Flower Garden Cushion
 Dancing Leaves
 Flower Fan Wallhanging

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