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American P & Q - December 2023
QuiltFolk Issue 28 - Colorado
American Quilter - January 2024
Vintage Quiilts - 2021
American Patchwork & Quilting 

Bi Monthly 





The American Quilter


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From Australia
Vintage  Quilts 2021

Homespun - Issue No. 217 -  Dec/Jan 2024
Australian Quilters Companion - Issue 124
Great Australian Quilts No.14 - 2023
Quilted Gifts
Inspirations - Issue 120

Bi - Monthly

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Australian Quilters Companion


Great Australian Quilts
Australian Quilters Companion

 Quited Gifts

Classic Inspirations


Quiltmaker -  November/December 2023
QuiltCon 2023
Art Quiktiung Studio - Winter 2024
Creative Machine Embroidery - Winter 2023
Today's Quilter - Issue 108

QuiltCon 2023

Annual Magazine 

 Art Quilting Studio

 Creative Machine Embroidery

Today's Quilter
Every 4  weeks

McCalls Quilting - Nov/Dec 2023
Love of Quilting - January/February 2024
Quick & Easy Quilts - Feb/March-2024
Star Quilts
Primitive Quilts - Winter 2023
McCalls Quilting 


Fons & Porter's 
Love of Quilting


Quick & Easy Quilts

Star Quilts


Primitive Quilts

Last Print Issue !!

Quilting Arts - 120 - Winter 2024
Modern Quilts Illustrated - Issue 14- 2019
Magic Patch - 149
Magic Patch - Quilts Japan -35
Quilt Country 72 -  Winter 2023
Quilting Arts


 Modern Quilts Illustrated

From Weekes Ringle & Bill Kerr

 Magic Patch
 1/2 yearly
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Magic Patch - Quilts Japan
1/2 Yearly
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Quilt Country
1/2 Yearly
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Quiltmania - 158 - November/December 2023
Simply Moderne - Issue 35 - Winter 2024
Simply Vintage Quilts - Issue 49 - Winter 2023
Quilters World - Winter  2023
Quiters World - Late Autumn 2023

English version of great 
French Magazine
Quarterly from 2024

Simply Moderne

from QuiltMania 

Simply Vintage Quilts
from Quiltmania 

 Quilters World
Regular Issues


 Late Winter Issue 2023
Special from
Quilters World

Volume 10 - Issue 5
QuiltMania Agenda 2024
Best of Block
 Block - Vol. 10- Issue 5
Bi-Monthly Magazine from 
Missouri Star Quilt Co

Quiltmania Diary 2024

 Best of Block

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the same goes for back numbers of the quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly titles.
So it's always worth asking if you particularly want a special issue, or just a one off copy of a magazine

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