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Olfa 45mm Blade
Blades - Olfa 
Medium - RB45-1
(45 MM) - Pack of 1
Blades - Olfa 
Medium - RB45-1
(45 MM) - Box of 6 single packs
Bondaweb Box
Bondaweb - per metre
Bondaweb Box
Bondaweb - Heavyweight - per metre
Olfa Cutter - Standard 45MM
Cutter - Olfa 
(45 mm)
Olfa Mat 18 x 12
Cutting Mat - OLFA 
12" x 17" 
Olfa Mat - 18 x 24
Cutting Mat - OLFA - 
18" x 24"
Olfa Cutting Mat - 36 x 24
Cutting Mat - OLFA - Extra Large - 36" x 24"
Simple 7/8ths ruler
Creative Grids Ruler 
Simple 7/8ths

My Own Design !!

Tru-Cut Ruler
Tru-Cut Ruler 
6½" x 24½"

Has raised sides to protect your hands

Steam a Seam 2
Steam - a - Seam 2 - Stcky both sides
Ideal for Appliqué - 
12 " Wide
Per Metre
Steam a Seam 2
Steam - a - Seam 2  - Sticky both sides
Ideal for Appliqué -
18" Wide
Per Metre
Steam - a -Seam 2 Lite
Steam - a - Seam 2 - Lite - sticky both sides
Ideal for Appliqué - 
12 " Wide
Per Metre
Steam -a - Seam 2 Liote ( Back of box)
This is the new product 
Has a gridded paper cover on one side
of the fusible web - plain on the opther side
From The Missouri Star Quilt Company

Pack of 250 sheets of
Foundation Piecing Papers
Very thin and easy to tear.


Unbleached, Pre-shrunk
42/44" wide

£4.50 per metre
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